Unger Smash!

In addition to my made up rule that I should blog every weekday, I have a made up rule that no post should take me more than 20 minutes to write.

I have to write about something that’s speaking to me enough that the words flow naturally from my thoughts with minimal editing and rejiggering.

But it’s Friday. And I’m tired.

I started a post about defining the good life.

But I wasn’t really thinking about the good life. I’d been thinking about it earlier, but didn’t get around to writing it down.

And by the time I started writing, all I was thinking was that it’s Friday. And I’m tired.

I tried to get energized and get back in to it, but that doesn’t seem to be a successful strategy at the moment.

So I’m going to cheat a little bit, and instead of writing, I’ll just share this image of Roberto Unger, whom I’ve blogged about before, smashing contexts.  Well, this isn’t really him smashing contexts, but this is how I like to imagine it:

Happy weekend, friends.


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