Data transfer

These days it’s so easy to transfer information from one device to another.

You know, with smart phones, you can transfer data just by tapping two phones together.

I think about this sometimes when I’m having a hard time understanding what someone is trying to tell me.

Would it work, I wonder, if I just walked up and banged my head against their head?

Oh, now I understand, thanks.

That would be even cooler than the Matrix-style download. Yeah, it would be awesome to plug into a machine and be all, “whoa, I know kung-fu,” but head-banging data transfer would allow us to understand each other on whole new level.

I love watching people explain things to others.

It’s such a translation process.

Even when both people share the same native language, there’s a lot of repeating information back. One person states a point, then the other restates it in their own words.

On and on and on, with more details and clarifications added at each level.

When the conversation ends, both parties feel like they’ve come to an understanding and have successful transferred information.

But really, each has just translated the other’s points into their own understanding. For simple topics, that may be sufficient, but try understanding another person’s fundamental view of the universe and all the conversation in the world won’t get you 100% data transfer.

But, maybe it’d work if you just banged your heads together.


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