Embrace the Awkward

While I’ve felt socially awkward most (er, all) of my life, there came a certain point when I realized:

Everyone is pretty awkward.

Maybe once there was a time when everyone knew the rules of etiquette and were properly equipped to handle them, but…I’m going to go with probably not.

Life is complicated and interactions are complicated and we’re all navigating this mixed up social scene together.

So go ahead and embrace the awkward. Let your wackiness show and other people will appreciate that they don’t have to hid theirs.

Make a comment in a group that’s met with resounding, awkward silence? Make a joke about how awkward it is.

Find yourself in a room of people where everyone else is chatting and you don’t know anyone? Find someone else who’s standing awkwardly in the corner and suggest you stand together so you look less awkward.

We’ll never alleviate awkwardness (and perhaps we should not) but we can embrace that awkward and boldly declare – This is awkward, and I don’t care who acknowledges it as such, because it is.

And that’s okay.


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