It’s All in the Tag Line

My new hobby is coming up with marketing catch phrases for academic departments.

Some of you may recall the words of the irreverently inspired Tom Lehrer when introducing his song Oedipus Rex:

“But, a few years ago, a motion picture version appeared of Sophocles’ immortal tragedy Oedipus Rex. This picture played only in the so-called art theaters, and it was not a financial success. And I maintain that the reason it was not a financial success was that it did not have a title tune which the people could hum, and which would make them actually eager to attend this particular flick.”

He then, of course, goes on to perform a catchy Oedipus Rex theme song.

I’m no Tom Lehrer, but it’s with that spirit that I found myself trying to come up with ridiculous, but appropriate catch phrases for fields of study. Not at all to imply, of course, that these fields aren’t already successful. Here’s what I’ve got so far:
Economics: The market proves it’s valuable.
Chemistry: Learning by exploding.

Civil Engineering: Learn to build it, they will come.

Communication: That’s what I’m talking about!
History: It just never gets old!

Philosophy: A good thing to think about.

Physics: Who doesn’t want to study the physics of two bodies in motion?

Psychology: You know you want to.


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