Fiction Friday – the call

Last week, I started Fiction Friday, a futuristic film noir. Below the story continues.

Also, I perhaps should have warned people that my fiction tends to be dark. There’ll be some light moments coming. But, I fear, not today.

The world was empty. A gnawing pit. Sinking. Darkness. He can’t begin to describe how he feels.

Feel. The word was wrong. He felt nothing. He felt confused. Why would someone play such a cruel joke. His mother had called him. Tears in her voice. So convincing. But it couldn’t be true. It was a joke. A terrible joke. It didn’t make any sense.

Because it wasn’t a joke. He knew that, but he didn’t. It wasn’t a joke. His mother had called to tell him. She wouldn’t make that up. His brother was. Was. He couldn’t say it. He couldn’t think it.

The police must’ve been wrong. That was it. His mother was confused. That’s why she’d say such a thing. It was all a hoax. Or a misunderstanding.

Mitch’d call any second. With some story. Some explanation. Something.

It couldn’t be true.

But it was.


Gabe shook himself and looked around. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since he got off the phone. It felt like a life time.

He looked up as his wife came back in. A sad smile. Comfort in the cold darkness.

“Talked to Reyes,” she said softly. “She’ll let the foreman know. So. You don’t need to worry about work.”

They sat in silence.

“I’ll start packing,” she breathed. “We should head out in not too long. Should be with your family.”


He should be with his family. He should.

But he couldn’t. Not any more. His family would never be together again. He’d never be with his brother again. Never see his brother again.

His brother. His brother. His brother was.

His brother was murdered.


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