Truth in advertising

We all expect a little spin in advertising. If you’re a pessimist you expect a lie, while at best, an optimist expects exaggeration.

And as people (or consumers, one might say), we get attuned to tuning out. We expect the spin, the exaggeration, or even the outright lie.

And that just adds to the noise as marketers compete in an arms race for attention, taking more elaborate steps to attract attention while we get better at ignoring their tactics.

Sometimes, I dream about doing a totally honest marketing campaign. Saying the things you’re not supposed to say. Saying the things everyone’s thinking.

I think it would be refreshing. I think that would get attention.

Imagine, for example one day, you got a bulk mailer with this scrawled on the outside:

I don’t know about you, but I’d open that.

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