No place for hate

Something happened over the weekend which has happened to countless people countless times.

A group of people yelled racial slurs at another group of people.

I know this happened to at least one group of people, but I’d venture a guess it happened to more.

But even if it only happened to one person,
that would be one person too many.

I want to say that I am shocked.

I honestly can’t comprehend what goes through a person’s mind when they spit hate.

And I don’t understand what could happen to a person
to make them end up that way.

I almost feel badly for the haters.
How did they end up so broken?

No one should end up that way.

I want to say that I am shocked,
But I am not shocked.

This happens too often.
It’s too deeply part of our society.
Too accepted, ignored, or explained away.

No one should have to experience such hate.
But so many people do.

In stores, on streets, in images passing by.
So many people do.

Systemic is one of my favorite words.
Or perhaps, I should say, my least favorite.

It conjures images of deep growing weeds.
Choking off flowers.
Burrowing deep.
A tangled web,
Seemingly impossible to irradiate.

Hate is systemic.

It’s almost easier
to shake your head.
To silently sigh.
To shrug and say, “What are you gonna do?”

Hate is too deep. Too complicated. Too messy. Too impossible. Too easy to ignore.

So what are you going to do?
What am I going to do?
What are we going to do?

There are no magic wands. No silver bullets. No simple solutions.

But I will be dissatisfied
for as long as hate runs deep.
And I will speak up
for as long as hate runs deep.
And I will keep fighting
for as long as hate runs deep.

What are we going to do?
Whatever we can.
For as long as it takes.
Working for a tomorrow,
just a little better than today.


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