Spinning to Infinity

Some things are nice and linear. First there’s A, then there’s B, then so on and so forth. Even more complex linear topics can ultimately seem simple. Just solve for x, and there you are with a nice, straightforward answer.

But life is often not like that. It’s tangled and unpredictable. Not even quadratic, much less linear.

But why does it seem so natural to say, “nice and linear,” or “nice and simple.” Are those things really nice? Are other things not?

I’ll not go into my rant on niceness here, but suffice it to say, I think messy is okay. I think unpredictable is okay. I think repetitive is okay.

Repetitive is an interesting one. There’s so many negative metaphors about repetition. Spinning your wheels. Reinventing the wheel.

To some degree this makes sense – doing the same thing over and over with no change or improvement certainly seems like a negative thing, or at the very least not the optimal way of approaching things.

But if circles are bad, spirals don’t seem to be the solution – you may just spiral out of control.

But life goes on.

And as time goes by, we all get a little better. Or maybe a little worse. We all change and stay the same, learn from new experiences and settle into patterns. It’s not linear. It doesn’t necessarily make any sense. But it is what it is.

Spinning to infinity.

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