With all the snowy days – and particularly all the icy days that follow – I’d like to propose a new business idea to make winter travel a little easier for all of us.

I call it Zip-Barrow.

Or perhaps not, as that might qualify as copyright infringement. But you know those wheelbarrows built so as to disperse salt as they pass? Apparently they are called Salt Spreaders, but perhaps everyone else already knew that.

On these icy days, I’ve seen several salt spreaders. On the campus where I work, for example, they use them on most of the walkways, and it seems like quite the efficient method for de-icing a slippery slope.

But not so with private, residential walks.

And with this pattern of snowing, freezing, melting, freezing, snowing, etc there has been many a time lately when I’ve tiptoed on a walk made icy by the sheer forces of nature – despite the better attempts of homeowners to keep the path safe.

So I thought perhaps I should get a salt wheelbarrow, as I call them, to push around town with me. Salting as I go.

But this is an imperfect solution. For one thing, I bet I’d go through a lot of salt. Then I’d have to figure out how to store the wheelbarrow at home or the office. And, of course, the ultimate path cleared by my wheelbarrowing efforts would be relatively minimal.

Enter Zip-Barrow. Or perhaps Salt Share.

Pick up a salt spreaders (and some salt, of course) at a local hardware store, push it a few blocks then return it to another hardware store. Chip in, perhaps, the cost of one bag of salt. In return, you get a salted path to where you’re going while others salt other paths. Then together, we will clear our sidewalks of ice.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Someone once told me that only one out of every hundred ideas is a good idea. This might be one of the ninety-nine. But now you know what I think about as I try not to fall.


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