Today I’m headed to PAX East, the largest gaming convention on this side of the country.

Folks who aren’t gamers might conjure images of poker, Candyland, or perhaps…Dungeons and Dragons (Satan’s game). But really, what’s in a game?

Well, many things, actually. You can separate games by the type of equipment used – card games, dice games – or you could organize games by the type of play – strategy games, cooperative games.

And each game has its own personality.

You might play a game while waiting for something to happen – solitaire or Zombie Dice. Or you might play a game with a large crowd – Pictionary, kings, or Fluxx.

Perhaps my favorite types of games are those you play with a small group. You gather around and work together, or talk smack at each other, or perhaps both.

You tell jokes and stories, share a community and a gaming culture.

And once a year, all these people – these weirdos, nerds, and misfits who find their hobby widely disdained by those beyond their small circle of fellow gamers – once a year, these people come together.

And that is a community to behold.

So level up, distribute your skill points, and get in the game.


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