Sometimes life can be hectic.

No, I’ll amend that. Life is often hectic.

Whether that’s self-willed or thrust upon us, packed schedules and busy lives seem to be the norm.

Personally, I’m okay with that. Of course, sometimes it’s nice to not be busy. When I finished grad school, I’m pretty sure I was dead to the world for several months before I emerged from my cave. Well, I continued to work full time, but it’s all relative. At that point, having evening and weekends free felt like some miraculous new invention I’d just discovered.

But eventually I got restless. I needed to learn, to grow, to challenge myself. So I found an organization to work with, then another, then a few more. And before long I was buried in an avalanche of community meetings, boards, and committees.

So, overall, I enjoy being busy.

But even in that tumult of time when tasks are flying wildly and to-do lists endlessly grow and never seem to shrink – even in those busiest of hours, I find it valuable to find a moment to pause.

To listen to the wind. To watch the birds. To stare blankly out the window trying to remember what it’s like to complete a thought.

It’s often not easy. It feels like there’s too much to do and no moment to breath. And some days, indeed, you have to push through without a second to yourself.

But most days you can find a fleeting moment. Waiting for the bus. Pouring a glass of water. Walking to a meeting.

Most days its possible to carve out at least some solitary time when you can put the world on hold. When you can stop worrying about this task or that deadline.

When you can pause. Alone in the universe.

A moment where you don’t have to worry about doing this or being that. Everything slips away and you can just be.


Then you take a deep breath and dive back in. The world keeps on turning and there’s much to be done.


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