People watching

You can watch people any time of year, but spring is really ideal people watching weather.

Especially after the cold hush of winter, when people huddle about, hardly whispering words as they pass. In winter, you may meet your friends indoors – but you rarely meet strangers outside. You don’t hang out on street corners or porches, passing the time with casual conversation. Even at the bus stop, people stand together in solitude, huddled alone for warmth.

But in the spring – even at the first hint of spring – people come out in droves, sucking up the sunlight and frolicking in the streets.

I’m always amazed at how many people I don’t know. This may seem foolish in a world of 7 billion people. But in my engaged city of 77,000 I nearly always run into somebody I know…so it’s after the long solitude of winter its somehow always surprising at just how many people I don’t know.

I like to wonder about their lives. I wonder where they’re going, where their coming from. What they’re concerned about. What they’re happy about.

There are so many complex things happening in all the complex people around us. So many mysteries and insights that I will never have the opportunity to discover. So many ideas, regrets, and hopes.

So much life.


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