I’ve heard the bees are dying. Or, at least, disappearing. In an effect dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder, whole colonies of healthy bees have abandoned their hives. Never to be heard from again.

Or maybe that was Roanoke.

Bee keepers have been raising concern about the disappearance of bees for over a decade. Research into this mystery was inconclusive until a few years ago, when studies began pointing to a class of pesticides.

So the bees aren’t secretly tiny aliens who’ve been returning to their far off tiny alien planet, we’ve actually been killing them. Whoops.

The pesticides, ingested by bees through pesticide-laced pollen, damage bee’s otherwise impressive homing ability.

So, the bees are dying.

It seems, though, like there have been an extra lot of bees this year. Or maybe I just think that every spring. I wondered if something, perhaps, had changed. If the bees were making a comeback. Go bees!

I didn’t learn the answer to that question, but I did find that apparently 2012 was a great year for bees, 2013 was a terrible year for bees, and that in early 2014, a Vermont beekeeper found Zombie Bees.

Oh my, who knew that was a thing?

Apparently, it’s a thing.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) zombie bees are not actually undead, but are erratic, disoriented, and about to die. Not from the same pesticides which are killing the bees, but, you know, from other things that are killing the bees.

Poor bees.


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