Minor miracles

At a certain point yesterday, I decided I wasn’t going to accomplish anything today.

Not that I didn’t want to accomplish anything – I certainly have plenty to do – but as I mentally prepared myself for the day to come, a day full of back to back meetings seemed unlikely to culminate in feeling productive.

Too often back to back meetings result in running late and being unprepared. By the end, the whole day is a foggy blur of miscellaneous recollections.

So, I needed a lot of mental preparation to dive into today. What time did I need to walk out the door to get to my next location on time? What did I need to bring with me and when would I gather those materials? It requires a lot of thought.

But, I am so excited because today I managed to go to spin class, arrive on time to four different productive meetings, some of which required travel and some of which were over an hour, eat lunch (half at 1 and half at 3, but still), run an errand for a non-profit I work with, keep up with my (work) email, cross a few looming things off my to-do list, and get in a little reading.

I’ve still got one meeting to go, but, man, this day has been more productive than I thought.

…And this is how I take joy in the little things.


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