Tea with the First Lady

So, I had tea with Michelle Obama. No, really, this happened:


I sat next to Congresswoman Lois Frankel (D-FL), who was delighted that this was “a real tea!”  IMG_6239

The tea was part of bus tour led by Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to promote her economic agenda for women and families: When Women Succeed, America Succeeds.


About a dozen congresswomen from around the country were in attendance. Congressman Mike Capuano also made an appearance, but he wasn’t there for the photo.


And, of course, first lady Michelle Obama was there:

IMG_6249 And she was a great speaker.

Like many of the other speakers, she spoke about the important role of women in democracy.

It is not acceptable that women are systematically paid less than men.
It is not acceptable that child care is unaffordable – even out of reach for some families.
It is not acceptable that many people, especially women, do not have paid sick leave.
It is not acceptable that women are underrepresented at the highest levels of power – including elected office.

The world is getting better, but there is more work to be done. So, let’s get it done.



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