Words cannot express…

As a general rule, I don’t use the expression, “words cannot express…”

As a communications professional, I feel as though – while words can never truly express, they are my medium and I must do with them as I can.

Like any medium, they will always want for something – words can not wholly describe my internal state any more than pictures or performance. Ideas are wild and no so easily captured.

But words can express a lot.

Tybalt is dead, and Romeo—banished.
That “banished,” that one word “banished,”
Hath slain ten thousand Tybalts –

That one word.

Perhaps words can never fully capture the depths of unbearable grief or the highs of soaring exultation – but nothing can ever fully capture those ineffable moments.

We are discrete particles. Forever apart.

Words aren’t all we have to express ourselves, but all meaning travels through a medium – and we must do our best to try.

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