Good Choices

There are a lot of choices one must make in life, and this can often be a stressful process – will the choice I select lead to the outcome I hope for?

One may never know the full answer to that question, but occasionally in life there are those rare moments where you can’t help but think – if this is happening, I must be doing something right.

So, since birthdays breed self-reflection, here, in no particular order, are a few moments that make me feel I must have made good choices somewhere along the line.

  • I woke up one morning and decided I’d go to work dressed as a pirate. That might have made the list by itself, but the best part of this story is that I already owned everything I needed to dress like a pirate. I don’t know what the Good Life is, but if I can dress like a pirate at whim, I must be doing something right.
  • Without any intentional strategy on my part, a group of my friends took the public bus to my wedding. Because that was the obvious way to get there.
  • At one point, a couple of my friends and I took it upon ourselves to make T-shirts for our favorite Gubernatorial candidate and wear them out to bars where we informally canvassed. Do we know how to have a good time or what?
  • The girl who was, unfortunately, probably the most picked-upon girl in my high school class once told me she respected me.
  • One of my birthday gifts today was this math joke: What does Sin B/ Tan B equal? Answer here.
  • My sister and I were once tasked with getting folding chairs out of a shed that turned out to be padlocked. However, whoever built the shed had put the hinges on the outside, so rather than return empty-handed, we took the hinges off, got what we needed, and screwed the hinges back on. We had a screwdriver on us, of course. Why would we not?
  • Pretty much my favorite thing in the world is to hang out with civic nerdy people. Or nerdy civic people. I’m not sure which.

I can’t claim to have made no unfortunate decisions, and its certainly the case that things haven’t always worked out as I might have hoped. But hey – at least I’m doing something right.


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