Gratitude Challenge: Accepted(ish)

So. I was called out for the “Gratitude Challenge” – one of these memes where you spend five days posting three things you are grateful for.

Since I’m a terrible person who is in favor of hopelessness and opposed to happiness, you can imagine how I might feel about something like this. Just like the creatures from Where the Wild Things Are, I roll my terrible eyes and gnash my terrible teeth.

I’m just too much a cynic, skeptic, and snark to embrace this exercise as it’s meant to be embraced.

To be honest, I do love the little things in life. I am grateful for the rustle of leaves, the smell of air, the taste of ice cream cake. But nobody wants to hear about those things.

Or, at least, I don’t want to hear about these things. I just annoyed myself already.

Not to judge people who are into that kind of thing – you do you, man – but that’s just not how I roll. It’s just not.

But, if you do want to know, there is one thing which I am truly grateful for – that despite all the world’s problems, despite all the hardship, injustice, and misery we face as a society – I am grateful that there are people working every day to make our communities better.

Most of you reading this probably are those people.

So, thanks for that.

Never one to turn down a challenge, I will, of course, accept this call. But being a rebel and a wild woman, in accepting the challenge I will do so entirely by my own rules.

Over the next five blogging days, I’ll post about an organization whose work moves me. Whose efforts I am grateful for.

I’ll tell you about their work. I’ll tell you why I care. And I’ll make a donation in an amount which is meaningful to me.

I won’t tag people each day, though the rules say I should. Instead, my challenge to all of you, and to myself, is this:

Do the best you can. Do the most good you can. And do it in the way which is most meaningful to you and has the most positive impact possible.

Gratitude challenge accepted.


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