Short Weeks are the Worst

Long weekends are great, but, man, those short weeks really make you pay for it.

I suppose the problem is that while there’s only 4 days of time, there’s still 5 days of work.

And even though you know it’s coming, somehow, it’s always surprising.

The week before, you’re working away, cranking things out, doing your thing, whatever. Then suddenly, around Thursday, you find yourself saying, oh man. I guess that’s not going to get done on Monday.

And maybe you feel like you should panic about that, but, you know, it’s hard to panic because there’s a nice, long weekend coming up.

So then you go and enjoy your weekend. You relax a bit and roll in Tuesday morning feeling pretty darn good about the world.

And things go okay for the first few days. But about half way through the week – on Wednesday, no I mean Thursday, because Wednesday is Tuesday in a short week – you realize you don’t know what day it is and there’s a ton of stuff to do.Maybe then you panic, I don’t know.They say that taking time off helps you be more productive. And I can believe that. I’ve had more than one bout of staring dead-eyed at a screen trying to will productivity from my zombified form. Not a great use of time.And as much as I enjoy relaxing over the long weekend, by end of day Friday on a short week, I find myself thinking, man, that was a long week……If only there was a long weekend coming up so I could recover.

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