Save the Date for Frontiers of Democracy 2015

Frontiers of Democracy, an annual conference focused on questions of civic studies and civil society, will take place in Boston on June 25-27!

You can go ahead and register for this gathering here.

Frontiers of Democracy is truly one of the highlights of my year. It brings together a unique blend of practioners and scholars; people from different backgrounds and fields of study, all coming from different perspectives, but looking for ways to collaborate on solutions.

There are some good arguments and some deep disagreements, but – as you might expect from people dedicated to re-emphasizing individual agency in civil society – the attendees at Frontiers are downright neighborly. They’re the kind of people who will want to get to know you and hear your ideas – for no other reason than their confidence that every person’s perspective adds value.

I’ve met some of the smartest, thoughtful, and dedicated people I know at Frontiers, and it really is a marvelous time.

Hosted by the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service – where I work – the framing for this year’s Frontiers is described on the website as follows:

While powerful forces work against justice and civil society around the world, committed and innovative people strive to understand and improve citizens’ engagement with government, with community, and with each other. Every year, Frontiers of Democracy convenes some of these practitioners and scholars for organized discussions and informal interactions. Topics include deliberative democracy, civil and human rights, social justice, community organizing and development, civic learning and political engagement, the role of higher education in democracy, Civic Studies, media reform and citizen media production, civic technology, civic environmentalism, and common pool resource management. Devoted to new issues and innovative solutions, this conference is truly at the frontiers of democracy.

For those with more time to dedicate to this topic, Frontiers of Democracy culminates the Summer Institute of Civic Studies, a two-week seminar that is currently accepting applicants.


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