A Taste of Spring

Little shoots of green – crocuses or tulips, perhaps – push up through the thawing ground.

The birds go mad. Tweeting, chirping, singing, calling. They haven’t seen so much food in months.

The streets run clear with the water of melted snow banks.

There is trash everywhere.

The roads and walkways bleed dust and stone from the deep gashes winter left behind.

It might snow this weekend.

But today it is warm. Today that taste of change is in the air – the deep breath of spring before the lazy days of summer.

I saw someone grilling outside.

As if anything is possible.

The wet spot on my patio is the last vestige of a man-size snow pile. It is gone now, leaving only happy moss behind.

The world wakes up.  Finding new life and energy. As if anything is possible.

It is spring.


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