My Social Network

Below is a network of my Facebook friends. Each node is a friend of mine and each link indicates mutual acquaintances (friends who are friends with each other). Node are sized by degree – so a bigger node is someone who I have more metal friends with.

The network is colored by modularity – showing some of the distinct communities within my network. I have labeled many of the larger communities below.


This shows a lot of interesting things. For one thing, at my first job out of college, I worked with a woman who had graduated from my college a year before me. She was a great connector and brought many groups of people together. The result is a segment of my network which is a mashup of people I went to college with and people from my first job. Not all of them know each other, but the connections are dense enough that this stands out as a community.

Another friend from my first job was once – totally coincidentally – roommates (in Boston) with someone I went to high school with (in California). The result is a weak link between my “young professional” network and my high school network.

Before high school, I went to school in the wonderful community of Canyon, CA. A few of us “Canyon critters” went on to the same high school as me – creating connections between the Canyon community and my high school network. Additionally, I had cousins who went to Canyon and others in my family are close friends with many in the Canyon community – linking Canyon to my California family.

My California family is connected to my Massachusetts family (my in-laws), which in turn connects to the rich network of my Somerville community. There are many connections between Somerville and colleagues from my last job at Tisch College, and there are connections between Tisch College people to Civic Studies people.

So, that’s a little tour of my Facebook network.

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