Organizing Books

On the train home this evening, there were two women having an impassioned discussion about how to best organize books. In particular, one was debating the best organizational scheme for her collection – should she mix her fiction and non-fiction? Which books did she want to have more accessible?

This is a big dilemma.

When I was young and fancy free, I used to take great care in organizing my bookshelf – a habit I have since not found sufficient time for. The last time I organized my bookshelves, I realized my shelf space was tragically insufficient for my book collection – a problem I solved by acquiring more books.

Irregardless, strategies for organizing books fascinates me. Most of us don’t use the Dewey Decimal system at home, leaving many questions on organizational schema.

Personally, I like to organize my books first by topic, then by author, but – just for fun – I like to put a little randomness in there so you never know what you might find next to each other.


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