Six Degrees of Wonder Woman: Part 1

Over the course of the semester, I’ll be studying a network of my choosing for my Complex Networks class. So, of course, I’m studying superheroes.

I pulled data from the Grand Comics Database, which really is pretty grand. Their database covers all printed comics throughout the world and includes:

8,738 publishers
5,814 brands
4,611 indicia publishers
88,408 series
1,188,029 issues
46,814 variant issues
226,893 issue indexes
549,708 covers
1,521,152 stories

I’m filtering down all that data to look as a specific subset I’m interested in: female characters in comic books.

This is a non-trivial task since the database does not include gender information. But, once I finish cleaning and processing the data, it looks like I’ll be left with about 10K female characters who appear in about 65K issues. There’s about 100K links connecting the two sets of nodes, with a link connecting a character to each issue they appear in.

From this, I’ll be able to look at the network of female superheroes and explore questions of female representation in comic books. So…get excited.


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