Randomly Generated Poetry

I’ve had a great deal of fun today building a random sentence generator which draws on a list of words provided to me. (Possibly, it seems, from the script of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

The sentences produced are strangely rhythmic and at times insightful, possessed of a certain unique poetry:

every land drinks this weight.
each quest rides Guinevere.
the sun rides any servant?
any chalice rides no defeater.
a winter carries each fruit.
the swallow is any sovereign.

every swallow covers that quest!
each home covers any defeater!
the land is a king!

this land rides that home?
another master covers any master.

another horse drinks this king!
every horse drinks this castle.

another chalice rides the story.
Dingo drinks another master!
every sovereign is a swallow!
any land carries each pound!
that husk carries the master!

every land has every winter.
no master carries any pound.
this castle rides a castle!
any home has that winter.
Arthur is every defeater.

a land near no land of a corner of each home has the master for another home.

that land has no home.
each sun has Patsy.
the horse drinks each king.
this quest has no defeater.
Patsy has the castle.

a story rides the land.

that weariest story frequently is another hardest corner!

a harder sun is the harder land?


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