Anyone is welcome to reach out to me at sarah.shugars [at] or find me on BlueSky @Shugars.

I do my best to make time for junior scholars whose interests overlap with my own, or who might benefit from my experiences as first generation scholar. Please also visit my Resources page to see trainings and articles I’ve made publicly available around the topics of data science / computation and academic life advice.

You can also find more information about me and my research on the following sites:

Google Scholar page
Women Also Know Stuff profile
Visions in Methodology profile

Additional Resources

If you are a network scientist, or think you might be, you may be interested in joining these groups:

Women in Network Science (WiNS)

Society of Young Network Scientists (SYNS)

If you are considering applying to Northeastern’s Network Science program, or considering a PhD program in general, I’d be more than happy to chat. Folks who are first generation to college (like me!) or otherwise new to the PhD process are especially encouraged to reach out.