I have taught numerous courses at the intersection of social science and computational methods, including Data Science for Everyone (NYU), Programming with Data for Social Science (Northeastern), and several workshops on text and network methods analysis.

Across all these classes my teaching philosophy aims to empower and encourage students by engaging them as agents in their own education, developmentally building their problem-solving capacities, and giving them space to grow comfortable with the discomfort of difficult tasks. Drawing on my research background in deliberative democracy, I leverage principles of agency, discussion, and collaboration to create a classroom environment which is welcoming, supportive, and enthusiastic; setting high standards and giving students the resources and opportunities to rise to the occasion.

Past Courses

DS-UA 111: Data Science for Everyone
New York University, Center for Data Science
Spring 2021, Spring 2022

DS 2001: Programming with Data for Social Science
Northeastern University
Spring 2019

INPR 2183: Making Sense of the 2018 Elections
With Costas Panagopoulos, Department of Political Science and
Aleszu Bajak, School of Journalism
Northeastern University, Fall 2018 pop-up course

PHIL 0020: Introduction to Civic Studies
With Peter Levine, Tisch College of Civic Life
Tufts University, Spring 2014