As a first-generation to college student, there is a lot I have had to learn during my academic journey. I often didn’t know what questions to ask or even that there were questions I could ask. I experienced this challenge both terms of learning the norms and culture of academic life, but also in the substantive aspects of my education. In particular, the technical jargon typically used in computational work often made these approaches seem mysterious, magical, and unobtainable. For too long, I believed I “wasn’t the type of person” who could do computational work. As it turns out, I am. And you are too.

I am deeply dedicated to passing on my knowledge — through workshops, trainings, and articles — and to working to build a more inclusive and supportive academic culture. If you too are trying to navigate academia or life as a computational social scientist, I’d encourage you to take a look through the resources below. Use what is helpful and ignore what is not.

I’ve separated these resources into three sections: Data Science & Computation includes workshops and articles aimed at teaching specific aspects of computational social science. Academic Life Advice includes articles on how to survive and thrive in academia, and finally, Worksheets and Templates includes resources for planning and preparation.